Odile Peyron


Odile Peyron

Université de Montpellier

Odile Peyron is specialized in quantitative reconstruction of quaternary paleoclimates, mainly in Europe and Mediterranean region. Her research aims to study and understand climate variability at different spatial and temporal scales, as well as rapid events and their spatial distribution, over the last climate cycle.

She has published 87 papers; her h-index is 47. O. Peyron was appointed to the executive committee of her research unit in Besançon; she was also team co-leader for 8 years. Since 2016, she is co-coordinator of the Pollen-extra platform of ISEM.

She has supervised 6 PHD students, 15 masters and 5 post-docs. She teaches at least 20h/year, mainly in the University of Montpellier; she is co-responsible of two UE, one is entitled “paleoclimatology: from model to data”.


Paleoclimatology; pollen data; quantitative climate reconstructions; multi-method approach, transfer functions, Lateglacial, Holocene, MIS3, Europe, Mediterranean area