Elsa Cencig


Elsa Cencig

Avataq Cultural Institute

Elsa Cencig is an archaeologist at Avataq Cultural Institute. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology (B.A.) and a Master Degree in Geographical Sciences (M. Sc.) at Laval University. Detaining over 15 years of experience in northern archaeology, Elsa is currently conducting community-based archaeology projects in Nunavik. She is also leading a long-term project on traditional Inuit place-names. Her most recent research activities at Avataq focus on documenting the Tuniit (Dorset) and Inuit occupation in Southern Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay, exploring archaeological and historical questions in order to improve our knowledge of Nunavik’s prehistory and history.


Archaeology, Nunavik, Community-based project, Prehistory, History, Traditional Inuit place-names