Claude Hillaire-Marcel


Claude Hillaire-Marcel

Université du Québec à Montréal

Pioneer of the University of Québec, Claude Hillaire-Marcel founded the Geotop research center in the 80’s (now a network of 8 academic institutions in Quebec), then an industrial chair in Environment (co-sponsored by NSERC-Canada and Hydro-Quebec) followed by a UNESCO chair with global change-oriented program. His research activity is based on the use of stable, radioactive and radiogenic isotopes, for unravelling mechanisms driving climate and ocean changes from geological to present time scales. Claude Hillaire-Marcel has authored more than 250 papers and book chapters most dealing with paleo- and modern environmental issues, with a focus on the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans. Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Claude Hillaire-Marcel is now life emeritus professor of the University of Quebec in Montreal and editor-in-chief of Quaternary Science Reviews.


Isotopes, hydrology, hydrography, climate, Arctic Ocean, Labrador Sea